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Six new RR Lyrae stars with Blazhko effect

by Ivan Adamin in July-August 2013 (#1)

As part of VS-COMPAS data-mining program, here are six new pulsating RR Lyrae variables with the presence of the Blazhko effect listed. The research result on these objects is submitted to the VSX catalog for the first time by the VS-COMPAS team members. Photometric data from publicly available surveys (NSVS, CRTS, ASAS) was used a a source for light curves.

Below each object is presented along with the resulting folded light curve and some notes, if any.

VSX J092806.8+090728 in Leo
by Alexandr Ditkovsky (VS-COMPAS)
J-K = 0.23

NSVS 10303225 in Leo
by Alexandr Ditkovsky (VS-COMPAS)
NSVS and ASAS-3 data are contaminated by
2MASS J10430453+0903402
V= 14.9, sep. 24".
Data has been deblended. J-K= 0.23

NSVS 13082928 in Leo
by Alexandr Ditkovsky (VS-COMPAS)
J-K = 0.238

CSS_J130739.5+011029 in Virgo
by Andrey Prokopovich, Ivan Adamin (VS-COMPAS)
J-K = 0.2. Secondary period is 0.62179

VSX J133154.0+300010 in Canes Venatici
by Alexandr Ditkovsky (VS-COMPAS)

NSVS 10564788 in Bootes
by Alexandr Ditkovsky (VS-COMPAS)
J-K= 0.214

Here is a resulting table containing basic data about the presented variables.

Object Designation RA (J2000) DEC (J2000) Type Epoch * Period Mag Range
VSX J092806.8+090728 09 28 06.81 +09 07 28.3 RRAB 4140.837 0.54259 14.05 - 15.04 V
NSVS 10303225 10 43 06.15 +09 03 40.4 RRC 3362.802 0.417517 13.48 - 14.05 V
NSVS 13082928 10 57 31.42 +04 57 03.7 RRC 2732.721 0.348758 13.62 - 14.13 V
CSS_J130739.5+011029 13 07 39.46 +01 10 29.0 RRAB 3464.700 0.636095 15.45 - 15.74 CV
VSX J133154.0+300010 13 31 54.00 +30 00 10.9 RRAB 4923.752 0.500977 13.80 - 14.96 CV
NSVS 10564788 15 07 40.60 +12 41 42.9 RRC 4663.561 0.41189 13.32 - 13.92 V

* Epoch is given as HJD-2450000

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updated elements of a Mira variable in Hercules
by Siarhey Hadon

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by Siarhey Hadon, Ivan Adamin

RS Puppis: the light echoes calibrate standard candles for accurate distance measurements
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SS Lacertae: The non-eclipsing eclipsing binary by Ivan Adamin

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