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Variable Stars Common Observation
Mission in Particular Areas of the Sky

1347 stars discovered as of Nov 15, 2015
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Search Criteria

Search feature is a flexible filter allowing you to build a criteria for a stars set selection. The feature is also useful when you need to refer to a VS-COMPAS stars set matching particular properties using a web reference.

The following structures are allowed within search query:

  • Coordinates/Cone Filter
  • Constellation Filter
  • Variability Type Filter
  • Magnitudes Filter
  • Period Value Filter
  • Author Filter
  • Search by Object's Name or Designation
  • Substring to Match in Remarks

See Also: Sample Search Queries

General Rules

Each query can be represented as a sequence of options to be taken into account.

There will be an option to disregard particular properties introduced soon.

Filters can be combined within brackets using space: [filter filter filter].

These simple rules allow not only searching feature, but can be also used as a nice simple tool to make a reference (URL) to a particular set of VS-COMPAS stars.

Below there are examples and clarifications for each search query options allowed. Filters are case-insensitive. Not recognized filters are skipped.

Coordinates/Cone Filter

A search radius can be specified along with coordinates to match objects within the area. Coordinates can be provided in a flexible format RA/DEC pairs: either in decimal (like 123.4567 -12.3456) or sexadecimal (01 23 34.2 +14 23 45.45 or 01:23:34.2 +14:23:45.45).

By default, the search radius is 1 arcmin and can be 1 to 60 arcminutes (integer).

Overall, filter will look like the following: 01 23 34.2 +14 23 45.45,r=2

Constellation Filter

This filter allows to use both full constellation names and their abbreviations to match recognized sky areas. Example valid names are: Cyg, lyr, Cepheus.
Constellations can be combined into a group, like the following: [Cyg lyr Cepheus]

Variability Type Filter

Searching by stars variability type is flexible. It is possible to combine types into a filtering set: [EW RR EB].

Besides, there are keywords allowed to refer to a predefined set of types:

  • eclipsing
  • pulsating
  • rotating
  • cataclysmic
  • eruptive
Each group is an alias to a set of corresponding stellar variability types, according to Variable Stars Classification. A keyword can be used along with other types in a query: [eclipsing RR] .

Magnitudes Filter

Objects with an appropriate magnitudes can be filtered out by specifying a magnitude range, like the following: [12.5-14.3m]. One can also combine multiple ranges.
For example: [12.5-14.3m 8-10.2m]

Period Value Filter

Period filter is similar to the filter of magnitudes and can be also provided as a range: [0.25-1.0d]. One can combine multiple ranges.
For example: [0.25-1.0d 10-25d]

Author Filter

When there is a need to filter out stars by discoverer, one can simply use full or partial name of the discoverer.

Search by Object's Name or Designation

This ability allows searching a star not only by its properties, but also by name or its aliases (if those aliases were provided for the star when submitted). For example, the star VSX J000430.2+734201 has other designations along with the primary name: 000-BKL-432, IRAS F00018+7325, NSVS 198296, NSVS 201075... Using any of these designations in a query will find the same object. To match a star by its VSX ID, please use the following structure in a search query: VSXID:286317.

Substring to Match in Remarks

Some stars have useful remarks/notes containing data about their pecularities. It is allowed to search for a substrings in remarks by wrapping query words in double quotes, like this: "Connell effect". As other filters, this type can also be combined along with any other search filter in a query.

For example: "Connell effect" or using two words separately "Connell" "effect". While the first query will find stars with the exact match of "Connell effect" in the Remarks field, the last one will also find objects with Blazhko effect. Keep in mind that two separate filters are combining like OR logic rule.

Sample Search Queries

The search feture is a convenient way to handle so-called named queries, which are simply named references to a star sets with an appropriate properties facet.

Below sample queries are provided for a reference:

All EWs and EBs in Andromeda with periods between 0.3 and 0.5 days
Sample Query: "EW EB and 0.3-0.5d"

All HADS and RRAB variables in the project
Sample Query: "HADS RRAB"

All variables in Pisces, Orion, Canis Major and Pegasus altogether
Sample Query: "Psc Orion Canis Major peg"

All variables discovered by Aleksandr Ditkovsky
Sample Query: "Aleksandr Ditkovsky"

Search VS-COMPAS star by its VSXID (if known)
Sample Query: "VSXID:280823"

Search VS-COMPAS star by its AAVSO UID (if known)
Sample Query: "000-BKL-435"

Search VS-COMPAS star by its VSX designation (if known)
Sample Query: "VSX J054250.6-140128"

Search VS-COMPAS star by its alias NSVS name (if known)
Sample Query: "NSVS 15013727"

Search VS-COMPAS star by a cone in the sky (coordinates).
If omitted, the default radius is 5 arcmin

Sample Query: "05 42 50.63 -14 01 28.0,r=20"

Search VS-COMPAS star by a cone in the sky (coordinates).
If omitted, the default radius is 5 arcmin

Sample Query: "85.71097 -14.02443"

Search VS-COMPAS stars with O'Connell effect and other "effect" mention in Remarks.
Sample query: EW "Connell" "effect" 0.25-0.33d

Search VS-COMPAS stars with Blazhko effect.
Sample query: "Blazhko"

* Please, remember that if a search query returns a single result, it will be automatically forwarded to the star found.

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Issue #5
March-April 2014

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In this issue:
KOI-3278: A self-lensing binary star system by Ivan Adamin

BL Bootis stars - anomalous Cepheids by Ivan Adamin

A revision of NSV 13538 = NSVS 17231162 by Alexandr Ditkovsky

NSVS 11075037 = Dauban V53:
updated elements of a Mira variable in Hercules
by Siarhey Hadon

RS Puppis: the light echoes calibrate standard candles for accurate distance measurements
by Ivan Adamin

SS Lacertae: The non-eclipsing eclipsing binary by Ivan Adamin

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