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Variable Stars Common Observation
Mission in Particular Areas of the Sky

1347 stars discovered as of Nov 15, 2015
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Who We Are?

See also: VS-COMPAS: The Project story

The project idea was announced in 2011 by Ivan Sergey, an experienced amateur astronomer with variable stars research as the primary focus. The VS-COMPAS acronym stands for Variable Stars Common Observation Mission in Particular Areas of the Sky. This is an exact match with the project's agenda. The main intention of the VS-COMPAS project is to expand the VSX catalog with new variable stars, variable stars analysis and research.

Since the time VS-COMPAS project started in October 2011, there were more than 1150 stars discovered by combined efforts and own software tools. The project is currently developing by six amateur astronomers who has a passion for a variable stars research.

The tools are developed by Andrey Prokopovich and Ivan Adamin, and equally available to all project participants for free. All data about discovered stars is submitted to the International Variable Star Index (VSX) catalog running by AAVSO.

Another valuable goal the project has is increasing public interest to variable stars science. To make social impact on the subject more meaningful it was decided to start a bi-monthly bulletin for amateur variable stars observers.

VS-COMPAS Founders

Andrey Prokopovich
Project Coordinator
Grodno, Belarus

Ivan Sergey
Molodechno, Belarus

Ivan Adamin
Grodno, Belarus

Alexey Tkachenko
Minsk, Belarus
Team Achievements Summary

Discovered Stars: 1347
Active Members: 7

Top Contributors:

  • Alexandr Ditkovsky
    - Discovered: 388 | Stars List
  • Ivan Sergey
    - Discovered: 332 | Stars List
    - Co-Author: 42 | Stars List
  • Siarhey Hadon
    - Discovered: 263 | Stars List
    - Co-Author: 50 | Stars List
  • Andrey Prokopovich
    - Discovered: 197 | Stars List
    - Co-Author: 211 | Stars List
    - Software Implementation
    - Object Candidates Review
  • Valery Tsehmeystrenko
    - Discovered: 77 | Stars List
    - Co-Author: 1 | Stars List
  • Ivan Adamin
    - Discovered: 27 | Stars List
    - Co-Author: 195 | Stars List
    - Software Implementation
    - Math Background
    - Project Website Support
  • Igor Baluk
    - Discovered: 23 | Stars List
    - Co-Author: 5 | Stars List
  • Members Joined VS-COMPAS

    Siarhey Hadon
    Volkovysk, Belarus

    Alexandr Ditkovsky
    Odessa, Ukraine

    Valery Tsehmeystrenko
    Odessa, Ukraine

    Former / Inactive Members

    Ivan Bryukhanov
    Minsk, Belarus

    Serhei Avlas
    Minsk, Belarus

    Tatiana Lebedeva
    Minsk, Belarus

    Andrew Shokhan
    Minsk, Belarus

    Anna Shiryaeva
    Moscow, Russia

    Igor Baluk
    Gomel, Belarus

    The VS-COMPAS team appreciates Sebastian Otero (VSX Team) for his extremely valuable comments and help in resolving the most intricate cases we face during the discovery and variables identification process. Many VS-COMPAS' discoveries have been resolved with help of Sebastian's vast knowledge and his priceless experience in the field.

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