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Variable Stars Common Observation
Mission in Particular Areas of the Sky

1347 stars discovered as of Nov 15, 2015
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Cataclysmic and Eruptive Variable Stars

See also: Variable Stars Classification

SN : Supernovae

N : Novae

NR : Recurrent Novae

Dwarf Novae

UG : U Geminorum variables

UGZ : Z Camelopardalis variables

UGSU : SU Ursae Majoris variables

UGSS : SS Cygni variables


GCAS : γ Cassiopeiae variables

Symbiotic Stars

ZAND : Z Andromedae variables

Other Types

RCB : R Coronae Borealis variables

FU : FU Orionis variables

RS : RS Canum Venaticorum variables

SDOR : S Doradus variables

UV : UV Ceti variables

WR : Wolf-Rayet variables

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Cataclysmic Variables Stars Outline

  • Supernovae (SN)
  • Novae (N)
  • Recurrent Novae (NR)
  • Dwarf Novae

  • U Geminorum (UG)
  • Z Camelopardalis (UGZ)
  • SU Ursae Majoris (UGSU)
  • SS Cygni (UGSS)

  • Irregular

  • γ Cassiopeiae (GCAS)

  • Symbiotic Stars

  • Z Andromedae (ZAND)

  • R Coronae Borealis (RCB)
  • FU Orionis (FU)
  • RS Canum Venaticorum (RS)
  • S Doradus (SDOR)
  • UV Ceti (UV)
  • Wolf-Rayet (WR)
  • Selected Issue (#5)

    Issue #5
    March-April 2014

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    Amateurs' Guide to Variable Stars

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    In this issue:
    KOI-3278: A self-lensing binary star system by Ivan Adamin

    BL Bootis stars - anomalous Cepheids by Ivan Adamin

    A revision of NSV 13538 = NSVS 17231162 by Alexandr Ditkovsky

    NSVS 11075037 = Dauban V53:
    updated elements of a Mira variable in Hercules
    by Siarhey Hadon

    RS Puppis: the light echoes calibrate standard candles for accurate distance measurements
    by Ivan Adamin

    SS Lacertae: The non-eclipsing eclipsing binary by Ivan Adamin

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