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Variable Stars Common Observation
Mission in Particular Areas of the Sky

1347 stars discovered as of Nov 15, 2015
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Articles / Publications

Wolf-Rayet stars: extremely hot, luminous and massive
by Ivan Adamin

Stellar associations: a variable stars nursery by Valery Tsehmeystrenko

NSVS 15314262 - A new ACV variable by Ivan Adamin

Epsilon Aurigae: a rare stellar eclipse by Ivan Adamin

O-C diagrams basics by Ivan Adamin

Six new close binary systems with O'Connell effect by Ivan Adamin

NSVS 5907410 = MISAO V1119: a Mira variable confirmed by Siarhey Hadon

Elements for two T Tauri variables in Taurus by Ivan Adamin

Eclipsing binary systems with eccentric orbits by Ivan Adamin

Gaia space observatory launched into space by Ivan Adamin

NSV 13636 Classification Revised
by Ivan Adamin

V1369 Cen : a naked-eye nova erupts in Centaurus! by Ivan Adamin

Pulsating variable stars and the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
by Siarhey Hadon, Ivan Adamin

HST Reveals Debris Disk Around T Pyxidis by Ivan Adamin

Expanding the list of W Virginis variable stars by Ivan Adamin

VV Cephei: an extraordinary binary system by Ivan Adamin

Twelve new High-Amplitude Delta Scuti variables from the NSVS and CRTS surveys by Ivan Adamin, Andrey Prokopovich, Alexandr Ditkovsky, Valery Tsehmeystrenko, Siarhey Hadon

The nearby eclipsing stellar system
╬┤ Velorum
by Ivan Adamin

Carbon in the sky: a few remarkable carbon stars by Ivan Adamin

What are the R Coronae Borealis stars?
by Ivan Adamin

The FU Orionis phenomenon
by Ivan Adamin

Twenty New W Ursae Majoris-type Eclipsing Binaries from the Catalina Sky Survey by Stefan Hummerich,
Klaus Bernhard, Gregor Srdoc

BL Lacertae objects - Blazars
by Ivan Adamin

Stellar spectral classification: a brief story of early steps by Ivan Adamin

Bright and interesting Cepheids
by Ivan Adamin

Discovery of a Second Radial Mode in the High Amplitude Delta Scuti Star NSVS 10590484 (GSC 01489-00914) by Klaus Bernhard, Stefan H├╝mmerich

Six new RR Lyrae stars with Blazhko effect by Ivan Adamin

The Blazhko Effect mystery
by Ivan Adamin

Notable long-period eclipsing binaries. Part I. by Ivan Adamin

Eclipsing variable TX UMa: my observations by Andrey Semenyuta

Four new BY Draconis variables found in the NSVS data by Ivan Adamin, Alexandr Ditkovsky, Andrey Prokopovich, Valery Tsehmeystrenko

Nova Delphini 2013: a naked-eye visible flare in northern skies
by Andrey Prokopovich

Public Photometry Banks as a Source for Data Mining by Ivan Adamin

NSVS 5860878 = Dauban V 171: a new Mira variable in Cygnus
by Ivan Adamin, Siarhey Hadon

MISCellaneous variables revision: new periods and classification for 10 MISC records in the VSX database
by Siarhey Hadon, Ivan Adamin

The "Heavenly Owl" observatory: seeing above the Black Sea waterfront by Valery Tsehmeystrenko

Selected Issue (#5)

Issue #5
March-April 2014

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In this issue:
KOI-3278: A self-lensing binary star system by Ivan Adamin

BL Bootis stars - anomalous Cepheids by Ivan Adamin

A revision of NSV 13538 = NSVS 17231162 by Alexandr Ditkovsky

NSVS 11075037 = Dauban V53:
updated elements of a Mira variable in Hercules
by Siarhey Hadon

RS Puppis: the light echoes calibrate standard candles for accurate distance measurements
by Ivan Adamin

SS Lacertae: The non-eclipsing eclipsing binary by Ivan Adamin

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