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Valery Tsehmeystrenko

Valery was born in far-off January, 1966, in a village located in the north part of Odessa region, Ukraine.

The craving for technology accompanies Valery since his childhood, particularly in the electronics and astronomy field. The first two mentioned passions - engineering and electronics - became the main occupation of the entire life, and the latter is a hobby, instantly turned into the most pleasant and desirable activity.

There were many schools and institutions on his way. First, Radio Engineering Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute, where studying process was interrupted by service in the army. Later, Odessa Elektrotehnikum of Communications and finally - A.S. Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, department of telecommunications systems.

Hankering for stars, originated in childhood, was always captivating and pushing for gaining knowledge on depths of the Universe. As a result, the first telescope was made of ophthalmic lenses, when he was just 12. That was a foundation for his future achievements. Later, when Valery had become a mature person, he founded a private observatory. "For me, amateur astronomy is what puts all my hobbies together, particularly in engineering, electronics, programming, and boundless passion for stars" - he said.

Fascination with the world of variable stars opens another topic of interest in amateur astronomy. It allows ordinary fans making a reasonable contribution to this truly amazing science.

Valery maintains a blog dedicated to his own achievements in astronomy. The blog is available at www.heavenly-owl.com.ua

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