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1347 stars discovered as of Nov 15, 2015
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Updated photometric elements of three variables in Lynx:
GSC 03405-00823, GSC 03408-02627 and TYC 3408-00557-1

by Siarhey Hadon in March-April 2014 (#5)

Abstract: Refined elements of a Mira variable in the constellation of Hercules are presented in the paper. The variability of NSVS 11075037 was detected in December of 2012 by I. Sergey, based on photometric data from the Northern Sky Variability Survey, as a part of the VS-COMPAS data mining project. Lately, by the time the star's data was finally analyzed in 2013, the object was identified as the Dauban V53 in the VSX catalog, with no period and classification specified. Thus, a revision with up-to-date data was submitted.
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Selected Issue (#5)

Issue #5
March-April 2014

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In this issue:
KOI-3278: A self-lensing binary star system by Ivan Adamin

BL Bootis stars - anomalous Cepheids by Ivan Adamin

A revision of NSV 13538 = NSVS 17231162 by Alexandr Ditkovsky

NSVS 11075037 = Dauban V53:
updated elements of a Mira variable in Hercules
by Siarhey Hadon

Pulsating variable stars and the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
by Siarhey Hadon, Ivan Adamin

RS Puppis: the light echoes calibrate standard candles for accurate distance measurements
by Ivan Adamin

SS Lacertae: The non-eclipsing eclipsing binary by Ivan Adamin

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